Physical Properties of Materials, Second Edition
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This book stands out as a unique resource for students and established scientists working at the modern materials/chemistry/technology interface. It conveys a tremendous amount of information and distills the physics and chemistry down to an intuitive level that can be appreciated by both developing scientists as well as more established scientists looking for a teaching aid/text or a tune-up in their own knowledge. … This new edition includes many new state-of-the-art topics that have emerged as major fields over the last decade including carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, and spintronics. … I defy the reader to not find many gems of insightful knowledge to enhance their understanding of the physical materials world.
—Timothy M. Swager, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA

​ I am very impressed with the text. This text provides wonderful coverage of many of the basic properties of materials that we care about as scientists and as engineers.
—Paul C. Canfield, Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University, USA

Mary Anne White wrote one of the most engaging introductory texts on materials science … Professor White has now prepared an updated version of her book adding several new sections that feature some of the seminal recent research advances and a number of the materials topics that nowadays pose important social concerns. … this is an excellent book to base an introductory materials course on, or to read for pleasure by scientists in other fields who wish to riffle through an excellent survey of what materials science has become today.
—Martin Moskovits, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

... a concise but in-depth insight into the physical aspects of materials science ... White expertly deals with the theory of the physical properties of materials, and the book offers a succinct but comprehensive coverage of this area.
Times Higher Education

… an alternative approach to the typical introductory MSE text used in service courses for engineers. … well written and comprehensive in its presentation … well illustrated and contains an ample supply of challenging. but useful problems. … there is an especially welcome text related website …

—James A. Clum, Dept of Material:; Science and Engineering University, of Wisconsin – Madison in Journal of Materials Education, Vol